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Over the Santa Fe Trail

The West's Jumpin' With Jive And Joy In A Star-Rarin' Action Musical!
Over the Santa Fe Trail
In his final starring vehicle as a singing cowboy, Ken Curtis saves Doc Henderson's Medicine Show from being robbed by the Morrell gang but later earns the enmity of Carolyn (Jennifer Holt) when he blames the troupe for polluting a local watering hole. Arriving in town, the medicine show, which consists of Doc Henderson himself (Holmes Herbert), Taffy (Noel Neill), the singing group the Hoosier Hot Shots and Carolyn, begin their performance while Curt is unsuccessfully attempting to stop the Morrell gang from robbing the bank. The sheriff mistakes Curt for one of the gang, and to save their friend, Curt's buddies Biscuit (Guy Kibbee) and Big Boy (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) stampede their cattle through town. In order to clear his good name, Curt and his friends go in search of the real bank robbers, who as it turns out are working under orders from Doc Henderson. Leading lady Holt was the daughter of veteran star Jack Holt.


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